It takes a team, to build a dream

It might sound like a total cliche, but fencing is, with no doubt, my biggest passion. I have been practicing this ever since I was a little kid, from the age of 9 and even though I never saw myself doing something else, I’ve decided to focus my resources on my personal development, outside sports. That went pretty well, and it helped me grow outside my comfort zone, but every road I took led me to my passion, so I started sharing it with people around me, especially with kids, as I am blinded by their enthusiasm.

Our Fencing Club is constantly growing, and that makes the difference. Seeing my passion blossoming, slowly, but surely, is the proof that everything we have done so far, was worth it.

For over a year now, we have been teaching kids the ”masters” of fencing. Even tough our main ”skill” is fencing,  we also want to encourage people to have more stress releasing activities, that include sports, no matter their busy schedules.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Photo Credits : Boo Hoo Photo

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